Getting started with the concept art

I’ve been brought on to design the robots, the scene, and generally guide the look and feel. I’m pretty pumped to be involved in any opportunity to design robots, and will also be blogging my artventures on Tumblr.

Here’s the general layout we’re shooting for, with some WIP robots:



On the left will be a clunky, mismatched robot.

The middle is home to a partially constructed demolition robot.

The floating droid on the right is a futuristic domestic assistant.

Here are some initial thumbnails for each:


One of the major considerations for me is creating an appropriate contrast for the narrative. These robots are essentially from different robot subcultures, and I want to communicate this visually. Really try and accentuate how grungy and box-like the clunky robot by making the domestic one super slick and clean.

Here are some of my favourite combinations:


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