“I’m a Cyborg and it is OK”

I'm_a_Cyborg_film_posterWatching Park Chan-wook’s (one of my favourite directors) feature film “I’m a Cyborg and it is OK”. There is a scene where the cyborg is overhearing a conversation where one character confesses to “stealing a Thursday”. The cyborg is confused by this. Would like to do an interaction where the human visitor is forced to say weird things to the robot. The robot finds us really entertainingly weird, or illogical? Can’t be illogical – because there is already that dynamic in the robot-human relationship. “Does not compute!” But weird fun stuff, like the interactions between the player and Wheatley in Portal 2, and my fun-park interactive story.

Loving the magic realism of the film. Can’t wait to do a film with magic realism. Makes me think about the possibility of doing magic realism in the installation. We could incorporate elements from the visitor environment into the installation, and give it a slightly different world – an alternate reality that is existing right beside ours. This is part of the rationale behind why there is glass there…A robot university within a human university. Who is studying who?


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