Improv and Perfection

Decided to do improvisation with actors during the writing process. This project will be about creating via doing. Getting off the page and out of my head as early as possible. This is in response to my experience with AUTHENTIC. I worked on that for so long, and the greatest leaps forward were when the script was being performed. It is easier to see and hear the holes than when you’re reading and thinking it. Perfection has a direct relationship with manifestation. The less manifestation, the more perfect something is. When a project is in my head, it is perfect. Every step of manifestation during the development and production process takes it further away from that perfection. This is where the skill in directing is – riding this chaotic process to produce something good. Something that can never be the perfect thing, a perfect thing with only one audience (your mind).

I think I’ll draw on improv techniques from directing actors as well as the larp character creation techniques.



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