“Is robot killing all about human killing?”

I came across the research of Julie Carpenter:

My research examines how robot design encourages or discourages human emotional attachment and affects operator decision-making. Of particular interest to me are (U.S. military) EOD personnel human-robot interactions; specifically, experiences with field robot models used every day, such as PackBot and TALON.

I have seen research before about the emotional connection between soldiers and their robots – how they anthropomorphise them, and even put marks on them so when they are sent off for repairs they know the same robot is returned to them.

This has got me thinking about the military robot being a bomb disposal unit. It means it won’t be giant anymore. I would need to get a relationship going between the human and robot very quickly for them to care… I think this would work well as a short animated film. It can be played out quite well in that form.

Still keen on training the robot to kill. Just have to figure out if this is okay for kids…or how I can get around the problem. For instance: train the robot to know who is an “enemy”? The killing is implied.

What is the robot learning from the human? What is the task from the robot perspective? Whether humans can rationally decide on an enemy? Whether human training can be trusted? How a human chooses its enemy?

This interaction is all about the human fear of robots as killing machines.

I like some of the thought processes that will go through some players’ minds: I’m making decisions about which humans are enemies” “Hang on, I’m training this robot to kill humans” “I should train this robot to kill robots” “I’m teaching it to kill it’s own kind” “What sort of person am I??” “Is robot killing all about human killing?”…

How a human chooses its enemy? I like this. So there could be questions about their choices. I can’t go into dialogue interaction, because the wise robot has that one. It could be a selection of threat level. But then the interaction becomes about the human and the interaction screen. There needs to be a direct relationship with the robot.

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