Soft and Super Robots

Listened to the FutureTense program on Robots

Soft Robotics – make a soft robot?

Artist Mari Velonaki says “people are interested in behaviours rather than appearance when they deal with technological others”.

What about a child robot? They use the child dynamic in the Last of Us and Walking Dead games – works for sympathyand responsibility.

Still like the idea of a big military robot having great wisdom

Robots can choose their careers, despite what they’ve been made to do?

“Robots today can perceive more than humans can. They have sensors that allow them to detect things like x-rays or ultraviolet or GPS, and robots can collaborate in ways that we cannot. So they can share perceptions directly, not just across a room but across the planet.” Mary-Anne Williams

What sort of things can the robots do that make them seem superhuman (seeing around the corner)?…

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