The embodied playtest

On Tuesday 6th and Wednesday 7th August, the whole team came together for our first group onsite meet. Jacek, Simon, and myself flew from Melbourne; and Adam and Paul from outer Brisbane. Over the two days, The Cube team gave us an induction of the site – showing us around the space and facilities. The Cube curator Lubi Thomas and UX designer Sherwin Huang shared things they’ve learned from previous installations; and we went over the game plan with The Cube technical team. We also visited the QUT Robotics Department to talk about their robot research projects, and see a Nao dance! Adam shares a video of it below:

The rest of the team was very excited about the space – they’re as keen on the possibilities as I am. We talked about the design of the project in light of seeing the space, and debated different approaches. The important part for me was also running an embodied playtest.

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I saw The Cube!

I flew up to Brisbane to finally see The Cube in person! What a great space. Amazed at the quality of screen resolution close up, and how the screens don’t smudge! They are specially-made so they don’t smudge.


The zone our installation will be in is the first screen space at the opening of the building. So good (and mixed) traffic. It isn’t a dedicated space though. This is fine, but it means if we get the motion-sensing happening it will have to work with non-intentional triggering. For instance: not all people close to the robots will be approaching the robots.

Watching kids playing with the screens, it is clear that height is important. There needs to be things down below as well as high. We spoke about the special bus posters that are designed for kids to see things at their own height, and how different experiences can happened at different heights.

The senior curator of The Cube, Lubi Thomas, gave some guidance: make it something that can only happen in the digital realm. People love playing with gravity in the science installation. What is something people cannot do outside the digital realm?… Lots more taken in, but these are some quick thoughts to share…